Mykonos - Damac Lagoons


Experience the ultimate essence of island living with Mykonos at DAMAC Lagoons, luxury townhouses that draw inspiration from the Mediterranean.

Nestled within the stunning master community of DAMAC Lagoons, Mykonos presents an array of luxury 4-bedroom townhouses that embody Cycladic architectural elements with a contemporary touch. Boasting clean lines and earthy bohemian exteriors, these homes perfectly complement the natural charm of the community.

Mykonos offers a wealth of amenities and experiences that reflect the island's abundance of nature. Residents can enjoy a one-of-a-kind Honey Bar, luxury pool, floating gardens, Paradise Beach and Beach Club, Windmill and volcanic stones park, Glow Lounge and much more. These amenities blur the line between the old-world charm of the Greek island, nature, and contemporary living.

Set amidst 45 million square feet of crystal lagoons, white sandy beaches, and tropical island vibes, Mykonos is a true haven where exceptional architecture meets unique amenities that make everyday living at DAMAC Lagoons feel like a holiday.