Discover the 54-storey dreamscape in Dubai Maritime City where you can indulge in a riot of experiences, an exclusive collaboration with Vincent Faudent and exquisite environments everyday... you won't believe it's your everyday.

Endless sea views, unbridled luxury and an aquatic haven all become your daily companion at Coral Reef. Each home at Coral Reef evokes the beauty of the undersea world, creating a living experience that transcends time. Within the tower's elegant walls, a symphony of artistic expression takes form. In a world-first, Vincent Faudemer the ''little prince of contemporary art'' collaborates with DAMAC to create exclusive pieces of his famed Babolex that stand proud as icons of whimsy and wonder alike.

The carefully designed one, two, and three-bedroom apartments offer more than just living spaces; they provide a connection to the sea's ever-changing poetry. Each day at Coral Reef is a sensory journey filled with one-of-a-kind amenities. Swim in a cascading sequence of pools, escape to the spa and experience a floating cinema that sets the scene for a movie night like no other.

Prepare to be captivated, as the boundary between fiction and reality dissolves, and you find yourself at the centre of an otherworldly journey.