FARM GARDENS 2 - The Valley


Farm Gardens 2 is a serene estate which melds the rustic allure of traditional desert farms with the sophistication of modern living. This unique enclave offers a life of peaceful luxury, where families can establish deep roots in a pastoral haven, enjoying both the tranquillity of country living and the exclusivity of a gated community.

Designed for convenience and accessibility, each villa combines elegance with a homely charm, crafting a haven where generations can gather in harmony and joy.
Homeowners will have the luxury of choice between two contemporary designs developed with a unique relationship with the external natural environment, creating a feeling of privilege in this exceptional setting.

Farm Gardens 2 captures the essence of bespoke living with options for both 4BR and 5BR villas. These options combine modern sophistication and natural grace, with a fitted elevator and a driver’s room adding more functionality and resulting in spaces that are not only spacious but also richly detailed and accessible.

At Farm Gardens 2, every amenity seamlessly blends into a harmonious lifestyle canvas. Imagine serene gardens where tranquillity blooms, and energizing sports courts that invigorate your days. The community centre, with welcoming pools for all ages.