Parkside Hills - Dubai Hills Estate


Nestled within the prestigious Dubai Hills Estate, Parkside Hills presents a unique living experience, where modern sophistication meets serene natural beauty. It’s the ideal lifestyle choice for those who seek harmony between urban vibrancy and tranquil living.

The Parkside Hills architectural style is a masterstroke of contemporary elegance, seamlessly integrated with the lush green surroundings. Each building is a thoughtful blend of form and function, designed to provide sweeping panoramic views that connect you with the best that the green heart of Dubai has to offer. Every line and every contour are meticulously crafted to create a landmark of aesthetic brilliance in Dubai Hills Estate.

At Parkside Hills, each day is a blend of elegance and comfort, tailored for those who appreciate finer living. Your journey begins in a home where luxury meets sophistication in every detail. Strategically located, Parkside Hills connects you effortlessly to Dubai’s vibrant lifestyle. And for a touch of grandeur, the higher floors offer breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa, symbolising the pinnacle of Dubai’s luxury.

Parkside Hills offers a refined selection of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, each crafted to cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and aesthetics, each apartment provides captivating views, ranging from the serene Dubai Hills Park and lush landscaped podium to the vibrant Dubai Hills Mall, and extending to the splendid vistas of the Address Hillcrest villa community.

Each interior of Parkside Hills is an exquisite blend of sophistication and comfort. The thoughtful use of earthy tones, complemented by premium finishes, infuses each apartment with a sense of warmth and elegance. This thoughtful choice of colours and materials transforms every space into a welcoming haven, providing a warm and comfortable ambiance.

The podium level at Parkside Hills is an exclusive oasis of amenities crafted for relaxation, fitness, and community building. The gym, equipped for both indoor and outdoor workouts, caters to health and wellness enthusiasts. The swimming pools offer a refreshing oasis for adults and children alike, while the children’s play area is a vibrant space for young imaginations to thrive. The communal spaces and BBQ area serve as perfect settings for social gatherings and culinary adventures under the stars.