Autograph Collection at Damac Hills


Autograph Collection is a new and highly-curated selection of exquisite villas in DAMAC Hills, each one the embodiment of heartfelt community spirit and sophistication. These independently-designed homes draw their inspiration from subtle, contemporary aesthetics that celebrate the lush environment they are in.

50 villas, 14 typologies, four to seven bedrooms and an infinite array of possibilities await within Autograph Collection. Each of the villas has been conceptualized to offer residents a unique lifestyle within their homes, from customizable spaces to secluded niches of greenery.

Marbles quarried in Italy, Greece and Spain, woods sourced from around the world as well as metals flexed into architectural perfection make up the intricate material narrative within Autograph Collection. While each villa has its own unique personality, the thread that binds them together is their exquisite use of textures and substrates.