Palmiera 2 at the Oasis


Palmiera 2 goes beyond traditional notions of home it’s an ethereal embodiment of lifestyle, meticulously crafted for true luxury connoisseurs. Each new day brings with it a harmonious melody of nature’s finest sounds. Discover the enchanting trails of linear parks, unwind in the tranquil waters of swimmable lagoons, or challenge yourself in our state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Palmiera 2 showcases an architectural mastery in every 4-bedroom villa, combining upward elegance with functional basement levels. The design offers open floor plans for unrestricted movement and views, where every corner, from the vast family areas to the dual-concept kitchens, is a celebration of luxurious living.
Set within Dubai’s prestigious The Oasis, Palmiera 2 presents a selection of villas, each offering layouts with distinct façade styles. The generous plots provide a blank canvas for homeowners to craft their personal outdoor sanctuaries and landscaping wonders.

The interiors of Palmiera 2 are a symphony of light and luxury. Expansive, naturally lit living and
dining areas seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors. The heart of each home, the kitchen,
is a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, while the spacious bedrooms offer a tranquil haven, with a thoughtful use of materials and colours that cater to both comfort and personal style.

In Palmiera 2, luxury takes on a unique meaning. It’s where elegance meets nature, creating lavish experiences that are not just about the finest things, but also about peaceful, serene moments that become treasured memories.