AED 1,990,000

Imagine the perfect place to grow up and settle down, designed for optimal health and wellness, where life in the city seamlessly flows with the serenity of nature. Discover a natural way of being, every day, with fresh healthy food, active routines, and lifelong friendships. This is DAMAC Riverside.

Find your state of Zen at the spa with a luxurious treatment, followed by an escape in a therapeutic lake where the aroma of essential oils rejuvenates your body and mind.

Round off your relaxation with a rest in a dedicated peace room, designed to restore healthy sleeping patterns and provide the ideal space for solitude.

At DAMAC Riverside, challenge yourself with invigorating aquatic-themed fitness spaces, including a splashy climbing wall, or enjoy your favourite sports placed perfectly on the water.

Additionally, make use of dedicated calisthenics stations for a well-rounded exercise experience, where each workout unveils beautiful backdrops and immersive living.

At DAMAC Riverside eating out means eating right. Visit live cooking stations, where professional chefs showcase their skills, and enjoy fun barbecue gatherings in scenic outdoor spaces.

Delight in outdoor cooking classes and elevate your dietary lifestyle. Learn how to prepare the most delectable dishes using organic ingredients from the community’s very own hydroponic farm.

Enjoy a Portofino-inspired restaurant where the flavours of Italy meet the elegance of waterfront living capturing the spirit of la dolce vita.

Discover other unique dining adventures at DAMAC Riverside, including an island restaurant, surrounded by the beauty of nature, followed by movie night on the water.

Let the children run wild at Kidz Adventure Land, a central activity hub designed to let little ones play their hearts out.

Create unforgettable memories on a floating proposal deck, designed to create the perfect romantic gesture with breathtaking waterfront views.

See the art of family living stand out with 4- and 5-bedroom townhouses, each a model of modern architecture blending beautifully with the community’s lush environment. Every facade is a commitment to a serene lifestyle with sleek lines paired with organic touches.

The townhouse interiors seamlessly blend natural elements with modern aesthetics to create a harmonious living experience. Each room speaks of a life by nature, from the warm wooden tones to the contemporary tiling, with expansive windows that frame stunning views of verdant greens.